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Patton Tool Co. – located on Patton Street in Springfield, MA was purchased by the Small Family (father Frank E. Small and son Fred E. Small) in 1947. In August of 1948, Patton Tool moved to 76 Merrick Street in West Springfield, MA. Until May of 1999 when Patton Tool moved to its present location at 67 Mainline Dr. Westfield, MA. During the late 40’s Patton Tool manufactured tap wrenches, pillow blocks, work arbors and did some jobbing work. By 1962, the company manufactured roller chain breakers … its main source income to this day! Due to increased orders during the late 60's, Patton Tool Company had custom machinery built. By 1976, the company became incorporated, with grandsons Frank A. Small who joined the family company during the 70's and David A. Small joining the family company during the 80’s. Presently, Frank A. Small is President with David A. Small Vice President. Another grandson, Lee E. Small, joined the firm in 1995. Other family members are Les E. and Carl R. Small. Patton Tool is listed with Dun & Bradstreet and is also found in the Thomas Register under (Chains Roller). After three generations of Small leadership, Patton Tool still operates under the same philosophy that it was founded on … to provide its customers with high quality products that are made in the U.S.A. with performance and reliability that meet or exceed their needs.

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